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About Strategic Realty Capital

Strategic Realty Capital, LLC ("SRC") is an opportunistic private equity real estate firm located in Santa Monica, California, specializing in value-added and/or distressed multifamily investments nationwide. The SRC "difference" is providing "A" class type amenities in neglected properties to help improve the quality of life for residents who live in older and often mis-managed communities. SRC utilizes its wealth of experience and advanced repositioning strategies to create higher demand and inherent property values. In addition, SRC continually strives to take advantage of the short and long term shifts in the real estate and capital markets to create maximum value for its investors through SRC's expertise in Acquisitions, Asset Management, Dispositions and Structured Finance.

SRC was formed in December 2007 in anticipation of the distress to come in the commercial real estate markets due to the real estate liquidity crisis and over-heating of the global economy. The core executive team has been working together since 2000, with 30,000+ units of multifamily experience.

SRC has a hands-on approach to our investment analysis and management of real estate assets. SRC targets mostly B+ to C class apartments (built pre-1990) which have been neglected due to high leverage or lender starvation of services (on REO or Receivership assets). The SRC "difference" is implementing innovative "A" class amenities onto neglected apartments such as: new dog parks, gyms, business centers, free wifi access, plasma TV displays, etc. In addition, we look at all avenues of creative advertising to keep the properties full and provide great leasing incentives to our management staff and prospective residents.

SRC's overall core strategy is to create value for all parties involved from the residents that live in our communities to our partners who invest with us in our various funds. We create value by investing in markets we know best from our 30,000+ units of experience and by obtaining the most favorable structured financing available at the time of acquisition. Furthermore, we implement our business plans with intensive hands-on asset management in coordination with our expert property managers, who are local to each market. Ultimately, our emphasis is working on projects that will yield SRC and our partners the highest possible cash-flows and dividend returns.