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Four Cornerstones Of Success

At SRC, our strategies are well thought-out, extensively researched and repeatedly proven to be successful. With a national presence that stretches from Florida to California, we carefully analyze each market and make certain adjustments to meet shifting needs. From coast-to-coast, our core approach remains the same: we hold on tightly to our properties for an average of five to ten years and approach every purchase with our four cornerstones of success. These cornerstones help guide our efforts and provide investors with a road map of our goals and achievements.

Vision. Every investment begins with a singularly focused look at where a property is today and where we can take it in the short and long term. We focus on purchasing class "B" or "C" workforce housing properties to maximize investment value and implement an extensive list of capital improvements. This transformation includes new signage, updated color palettes and inviting landscaping as well as the addition of amenities including upgraded fitness centers, social areas, community gardens, leasing centers, dog parks and playgrounds.

Management. SRC takes a "boots on the ground" approach to every one of our multifamily property investments. This means when we acquire a new property, we personally conduct a series of on-site visits to determine our action plan. We also hand-select our management team to oversee day-to-day activities which we intensely manage and oversee. We have high expectations and continually strive for high occupancy levels and a high quality of living with highly qualified tenants. This translates to higher rents and a greater return on investment. Our number one goal is to have happy residents, managers and investors.

Basis. Every investment begins with a single question: "What is this deal really worth?" We are disciplined in our acquisitions to ensure we have a very low basis when purchasing multifamily rental properties. This allows us to keep rents low and occupancies high as we "beat the market." Over time, rents increase as improvements are made and positive word-of-mouth spreads to keep our properties thriving.

Location. Selecting the location of each and every one of our investment properties requires thorough due diligence. We acquire a significant amount of market intelligence through our third-party management teams as well as research on real estate trends and analytics in the markets we enter. Once we have established a foothold in a particular area, we often buy other properties in that market to further leverage our expertise, local resources, and economies of scale.